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What is Coface Credit Insurance?

It is an effective financial risk management tool that safeguards your company against losses sustained arising from non-payment of trade related debts. Credit Insurance ensures that your company is not adversely affected by the unforeseen failure of one or more of your customers; it is also a tool to help you manage your risks.

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The Benefits of Credit Insurance from Coface

  • Risk prevention

    With a database of information on 65 million companies’ worldwide and 350 underwriters and credit analysts we assess our clients’ prospective customers and monitor their existing ones, keeping them alert to changes in their financial health. With the guidance of Coface our clients are able to review existing relationships and focus their efforts on financially healthy customers.

  • Improved cash flow

    Your cash flow is a powerful yet vulnerable resource and you know the importance of protecting yourself against unpaid invoices and insolvencies, which can impact your cash flow and pose a threat to your company. Coface Credit Insurance helps companies avoid risks and replaces cash flow should the worst happen and a customer insolvency or non-payment occurs.

  • Business Development

    By entrusting the protection of your debtor book to credit insurance you can focus your time on business development. Additionally Coface offer a worldwide analysis of country, sector and company credit risk in real time giving you the freedom to pursue your growth strategies with confidence.

  • Secured Trade Finance

    Financial institutions look more favourably on secured receivables so a credit insurance policy could potentially improve your credit options and borrowing terms.

  • Supplier Relationships

    You may be able to negotiate favourable terms with your suppliers as a credit insurance policy reduces the impact of a bad debt on them and potentially the whole supply chain.

  • Enhanced Credit Management

    A Coface credit insurance policy will bring structure and discipline to your credit management.

  • Peace of Mind

    Coface Credit insurance is there to help you prevent and mitigate your trading risks, so you can develop your business with the knowledge that your accounts are protected. Credit Insurance is there to help you take the right decisions.

About Coface


Coface has been supporting the development of trade since 1946 and is now a worldwide leader in domestic and export credit insurance.

Coface is rated AA- by Fitch and A2 by Moody’s.

Every day, the Group’s 4,400 employees located in 67 countries secure the sales made by our 40,000 client companies in over 200 countries.

In close partnership with them, we advise at every stage of their business life cycle, helping them to evaluate their risks and make the right decisions.

Satisfied Coface Clients

Here are some real-life case studies to show you the kind of solutions we offer when a business comes to us with a credit management challenge. Click on the button below to read about our satisfied clients.

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