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Find out how Factor 21 Finance can help your business and what invoice finance they offer.

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About Factor 21 Invoice Finance

We understand growing businesses…

Established in 2001, we’ve grown from a three-man business to become one of the UK’s leading privately owned factoring companies.

Our experience means that we understand the issues your business faces and will help you solve them by providing:

An unmatched personal service.

User friendly processes.

Robust computer systems offering clients real time access to their accounts.

Dedicated experienced client managers.

Apply now. It will only take a minute…

Advisors choose Factor 21 for their clients because we offer:

dynamic decision making

cash transfers as fast as any competitor and faster than most

full support from our helpful, responsive staff at all levels

When a business is considering invoice finance, it is advisable to examine cash-flow and cost implications preferably with the help of an advisor.

Unlike most of our competitors our charges are straight forward and transparent.

We levy a reasonable facility charge for each invoice and factors discount, which is equivalent to interest.

There are no extra audit, commitment or exceptional fees such as for making payments on the day of receipt of invoices or cash, providing copy invoices and aged debt reports.

Once an agreement has been signed, Factor 21 will purchase invoices as they are raised and typically advance 75 – 85% of their gross value. Our decision will only take hours and the initial cash advance will arrive within days.

The invoice will be funded for up to 120 days (95 days from end of invoice month) and our service offers a credit control service tailored to your requirements. Should it be necessary we provide in-house legal collection services through the court system as a cost effective alternative.

When the invoice is paid to Factor 21 the balance (20-25%) is made available to you.

Freelancer Essentials

Factoring was conceived to help companies grasp bigger opportunities.

  •      Factor 21 never forgets this.

    Because cash-flow is one of the most dangerous and debilitating challenges for a business, factoring has become a vital tool – not just for survival but for development.

    When a business has incurred the costs of purchasing materials and paying wages, it can be a step too far to wait 60, 90, even 120 days for payment.

    For one thing, it’s difficult to measure the frustration of chasing invoices and listening to empty promises.

    Equally as serious, low cash reserves can affect your relationship with suppliers or even stop you fulfilling new orders.

    This is why more and more business owners are using factoring as an accepted element of their working capital funding, relying on the factor to manage the sales ledger and leaving them to concentrate their focus away from old debts and towards new business.

  •      Recourse Factoring

    Recourse factoring does not include credit insurance and therefore allows you the client (with our input) to decide at what level you want to do business with your customers.

    The percentage of the invoice that can be advanced to you depends on the risk involved for example, which industry you work in and the concentration of customers and invoices.

    Recourse Factoring, also called ‘invoice factoring’ or ‘accounts receivable financing’ is the commonest form of invoice finance and this is our business.