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Invoice Finance Explained

Invoice Finance

Are you trying to grow your business, but with no idea where your money is going to come from? Well My Invoice Finance have your solution! Invoice Finance can help you fund your company by providing you with the substantial amounts of cash that you need to succeed!

The process of Invoice Discounting couldn’t be easier for you to handle! It simply starts with your invoice being raised and delivered to the customer in question, for them to eventually pay. Now here comes the good part, within as little as twenty-four hours, you will receive up to 90% of the said invoice value once you send a copy to your lender. Then, once you have your well-deserved cash, you can cover all of those typically worrisome costs, like wages, materials, and even more jobs to fit your growing business! And once

your invoice is finally paid, your lender will receive the payment from your customer, but don’t worry, all of our information is kept absolutely confidential and your customer will never know a thing about it!

The great thing about Invoice Discounting is that it is an easy and affordable business cost and expenditure.

Much like Invoice Factoring, Invoice Finance advances all of the unpaid balances your eagerly waiting on. Without sitting around and waiting to get paid, you will be able to reinvest both your money and your time! Use your newfound cash payments to pay-off your staff, and cover the costs of all your necessary materials and transportation, to help your company thrive more than ever!

Invoice Finance

Not sure? If your not sure which lender or finance is best for you, fill in some details and we’ll give you a call.

Invoice Finance Funding Timeline

An example of how your invoice Finance funding would work…

Raise Invoice

Raise your invoice for goods or services and notify lender via their online Invoice Discounting system.


Receive Payment

Lender will then transfer the lending balance at the agreed rate directly into your bank account.


Customer Pays

Collect payment from your customer at the agreed credit period, for example 30 days later.


Receive Balance

Receive balance of the invoice from the lender minus any agreed fees.