My Invoice Finance

If there’s one thing that worries everybody in recruitment, it’s money, and that means financing. How can you feasibly run a proper and successful business if you spend all of your time biting your nails and fretting about the next time you’re getting paid? You need your workers to keep working and you need your money to keep flowing, you need Invoice Finance, which means that you need us!

Our professional recruitment finance specialists are always at the ready and waiting for your call. With some of the most knowledgeable people in Recruitment Finance, something that we pride ourselves upon, together we resolve to help you overcome one of the biggest problems you face as a Recruitment Agency owner, getting your staff paid reliably and on time, and still getting paid yourself.

There are countless benefits to choosing Invoice Finance for your business. You no longer have to be at risk and in a state of limbo when you’re not immediately paid by a client, because Invoice Financing immediately pays you! It’s a competitive alternative to bank overdrafts, when you choose Invoice Finance, you can have up to four times more cash than traditional overdrafts for your Recruitment Company! You also receive access to our experts and their prized advice to help guide you through the process for your Recruitment Business!

Invoice Financing is here to help you, and we can be the solution to your finance problems. We have used our decades of experience in this industry to guide you and help you save money.

With the help of My Invoice Finance, you will receive up to 95% of the value of all your outstanding invoices. We strive to find you a lender who will design the Invoice Finance package that your company individually needs. There’s no mass-market, age old content when you choose us. Everything is tailored for, and all up to you!

You can get up to 95% of your money you are owed within 24hrs of raising an invoice, so long gone are the days of tapping feet and impatient phone calls. Everyone can take their time, because your money comes on time!

Invoice Factoring will take care of everything that you need from it in only one day, and is the most recommended choice for you if you don’t have an established credit control facility. The great thing about it is that, your lender can take care of chasing and receiving your payments from your customer, not you. So you can say goodbye to stressful, confrontational phone calls and conversations. Your lender has got you covered!

If you are wondering what makes Invoice Discounting different from Invoice Factoring, it’s the fact that you’re the one in charge of that said Credit Control Facility. With you in charge, everything is further customised towards larger companies that have an established credit collection administration process.

So simply fill in some details and we will give you a call, Invoice Financing can do wonders for your company and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Not sure? If you’re not sure which lender or finance is best for you, fill in some details and we’ll give you a call.

Funding Timeline

An example of how your invoice finance funding would work…

Raise Invoice

Raise your invoice for goods or services and notify lender via their online Invoice Finance system.

Receive Payment

Lender will then transfer the lending balance at the agreed rate directly into your bank account.

Customer Pays

Your customer pays the invoice in full at the agreed credit period, for example 30 days later.

Receive Balance

Receive balance of the invoice from the lender minus any agreed fees.