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About Siemens Invoice Finance

Siemens invoice finance is a cash flow solution that can help businesses unlock the value of unpaid customer invoices, allowing effective management of working capital. Part of the A+ rated1 worldwide Siemens Group, Siemens Financial Services has a long and proud history of assisting businesses grow through leveraging innovative financial products.

1 Standard & Poors Credit Rating

Why use Siemens Invoice Finance?

  • Tailor-made financing that has the flexibility to grow with your business

  • Immediate access to up to 90% of your sales ledger

  • Reduced administration enabled by market leading technology

  • 24/7 online access and availability of management information

  • Highly experienced team that understands the particular needs of businesses seeking invoice finance

Who is this for?

  • Assistance for businesses in a full range of industries from manufacturing, transport and renewables through to service led operations and many more

  • Businesses seeking to break free of restrictions imposed by current funding solutions

  • Businesses looking for an alternative financier to provide bespoke and tailored solutions

  • Businesses undertaking domestic and/or international trade

  • Businesses looking to grow and maximise the funding potential of their available assets

  • Businesses with invoice funding requirements > £250k

How Invoice Finance works?

Businesses are increasingly exploring alternative finance solutions as traditional lending options remain restricted. Invoice finance from Siemens can be an important alternative to traditional credit lines, unlocking up to 90% of the value held in your unpaid sales ledger. An invoice finance arrangement with Siemens means that administration is kept to a minimum, supported by our market leading online solution, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

  • Step 1: Identify your business finance needs

    As our finance solutions are customised to suit your business needs, we need to understand your business and its requirements.

  • Step 2: We present finance options tailor-made for your business

    This will be fully transparent and include a prepayment percentage against your fundable invoices plus a funding limit and any charges that will be made, so you fully understand our proposal.

  • Step 3: Our expert team will arrange credit approval

    Our advisors will arrange a credit application in order for us to present a formal credit-backed offer to you.

  • Step 4: Complete documentation

    We will require legal documentation to be completed prior to funding which will include a sales finance agreement and a debenture.

  • Step 5: Funding made available

    Following commencement of your facility, we will make funding available to you after satisfactory settlement of any existing invoice finance agreements you may have.

Example Invoice Finance Scenario

With invoice finance we pay you against your approved unpaid sales ledger invoices – prepayment advances are made at an agreed percentage of their total value, typically 80-90%. As your customers pay, the non-prepaid element of the invoices is made available to you, less any agreed charges. As the facility continues to run, additional funding is made available on all approved future sales, allowing you access to the cash flow required to run your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am with another supplier of invoice finance – is it easy to switch?

    Many clients choose to switch suppliers of invoice finance for a variety of reasons. We will liaise with your existing provider to ensure the change is simple, trouble free and, most importantly, does not negatively impact you or your business.

  • How much will it cost me?

    As each business and agreement is different, we price each facility individually. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your business.

  • What percentage of my invoices will be prepaid?

    As each facility is tailor-made to suit your business needs, each agreement varies. However, a typical prepayment percentage will vary between 80-90%.

  • How long do I have to sign up for?

    Typically we ask for a 12 month contract, however, if invoice finance really is not working for you, you may leave the facility within 3 months with no additional costs.