Asset Finance Solutions

Asset Finance Solutions

At My Invoice Finance, our asset finance specialists offer a range of options that will help improve your cash flow and keep your working capital free, whilst ensuring you achieve your investment objectives. We understand the challenges you face in your business and have the experience to help you fund the assets you require.

What is asset finance?

Asset finance is a way for your business to access the equipment, plant and vehicles it needs to operate and grow, without impacting on your cash flow. This can be for new or second hand assets or to release funds from assets you already own.

Types of asset finance

Investing in new equipment can be a big decision for a business, therefore, it makes sense to consider every option when thinking about how best to finance such an investment. Our range of financial solutions offer flexibility and affordability that suits every type of business.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase allows you to acquire an asset by paying instalments over a set period of time, with the option to purchase the asset at the end of the agreement.

Refinance (Capital Release)

These types of agreements are generally aimed at businesses who have already invested in equipment and need to release some of the capital tied up in these assets. With this option, the lender buys the asset(s) from you and then leases it back to you over a specified term.

Finance Lease

With this solution, you effectively rent the assets from the Lender over a set period of time. During this time, you pay monthly costs plus interest to the lender. Once the agreement comes to an end, you have one of three options:

  • Continue by entering into a new agreement
  • Sell the asset
  • Return to the lender

Operating Lease

An operating lease is similar to finance lease, whereby you rent the asset from the lender. However, the difference is an operating lease is only for part of the assets life. With this solution, the monthly instalments are reduced because it is worked out on the difference between the assets original purchase price and the residual value at the end of the agreement.

Advantages of Asset Finance

Flexibility – A flexible alternative to taking out a bank loan, allowing you obtain to essential equipment without the need for an upfront payment.

Fixed Interest Rates – Generally, most agreements come with fixed interest rates so you know exactly how much you are paying on a monthly basis.

Risk – Considerably lower risk compared to a bank loans. If you default on your payments, you’ll only lose the equipment and not your house!

High Standard of Equipment – You’ll have access to quality equipment that you may not have been able to afford without the assistance of asset finance.

Considering asset finance?

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