Trade Credit Insurance

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade Credit Insurance protects your company against the failure of your customer to pay the trade credit debts owed to you. This could be because your customer has become insolvent and is unable to meet their obligations. Or, it may simply be because they have failed to pay within the agreed terms and conditions of your contract.

Taking out trade credit insurance protects your short-term account receivables against both commercial and political risks, improving the quality of your bottom line.

Credit insurance gives you the confidence to extend credit to new customers and improve access to funding, often at more competitive rates. With this support, your business can grow profitably whilst minimising the level of customer associated risk. 

In short, trade credit insurance offers your business the ability to grow with confidence.

How Does Credit Insurance Work?

At My Invoice Finance, our credit insurers monitor the financial performance and well-being of your customers on an ongoing basis. Each customer is then ‘graded’ according to the health of their business and the way they conduct their financial operations.

Based on this assessment, each client is then granted a specific credit limit up to which you, the insured, can trade with complete confidence. In the event of your customer failing to meet their obligations, under the credit insurance conditions, you will be indemnified from the loss and receive payment from us instead. The parameters of the graded limits can be adjusted during the lifetime of the policy and we will, of course, inform you should any of these levels change.

Should you require assistance with debt collection issues, we can also support you in this area, ensuring you have everything you need to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Why You Should Subscribe to Trade Credit Insurance

Trade receivables are one of the main assets on a company’s balance sheet, but for some, they can also be the most volatile.

Credit insurance can protect both your current and future cash flow from risk, improving the quality and value of your overall business. Furthermore, credit insurance relieves the pressure on business managers, freeing up more time to spend on ‘value added’ activities that will grow the business.

B2B Credit Insurance offers:

  • Comprehensive protection against insolvency risk
  • Enhanced customer relationships
  • Improved banking relationships
  • Wider access to further finance
  • Greater confidence in pursuing commercial opportunities


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