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Partnership Invoice Finance

About Partnership Invoice Finance

Partnership Finance was formed in 2002 as an independent provider of working capital for the small and medium sized business sector. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Guernsey based investment organisation.

The concept of delivering a superior level of support and expertise is a cornerstone of our business objective and of tangible benefit to the business owner endeavouring to build shareholder value. We recognised that general service levels in our industry had diminished and that many clients wanted more than a basic facility at the cheapest possible price. In fact, many a client has learnt that the cheapest option usually turns unexpectedly more expensive, in many ways, over the longer term.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting is widely accepted and used to provide essential working capital in fuelling business growth. Nowadays, clients are demanding a relationship where they can easily access the decision makers and speak with the people managing their account. A strong relationship enables better judgement of matters evolving and swift decisions. Those seeking a traditional Factoring service want to be assured that they are entrusting the management of their sales ledger, and indeed customer relationships, to a partner that can ensure effective controls.

Recourse Factoring

Partnership Invoice Finance will expertly manage all aspects of your Sales Ledger Management function, from the moment that you ‘notify’ us of the sales transaction to the point when the debt is paid. Contrary to popular belief, Factoring is not just about how much prepayment can be drawn but critically, the quality of service rendered. A reliable and efficient management of your ledger will naturally create strong cash flow. Our procedures rely upon personal regular customer contact rather than just a sequence of statements and overdue letters raised and dispatched by an automated system.

Attention to detail is essential in determining the correct identity of the debtor and corresponding with them on a timely basis. A good rapport with your customer will ensure prompt payment of the debt. Sometimes, there is some part to be played by the client in ensuring the process remains entirely efficient and you clearly need to be quickly advised of disputes, dishonoured payments, etc.

Our ‘On-Line’ system allows you remote access to your ledger and control account, thus enabling you to remain fully appraised of the position at all times.

Disclosed Invoice Discounting

This facility allows you to retain control of the ledger management procedures whilst receiving the benefit of prepayment against the debts. Our maintenance of a shadow ledger allows flexibility in funding and removes the need for monthly reconciliation. Allocation of cash as and when received removes the common problem of having to wait for the adjustments within the month-end reconciliation being applied. Monthly statements are sent to the debtors to update them of the position owing.

As with the Factoring facility, clients have access to the ‘On-Line’ system and have accurate information at their fingertips in order to make those important credit decisions.

It goes without saying that you will need to demonstrate good credit management procedures to qualify for this facility. However, the combination of your controls and our funding could well allow you to grow your business to the next level.

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