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You know only too well the problems of business cash flow. At Gener8 Finance, we know how to help.

Through smarter invoice discounting, we offer you a more confidential and personal way to clear cash flow obstacles. With us, you can access up to 90% of the invoice value within 24hours. It puts an end to the worry of waiting up to 90 days to get paid. It also means you can sleep easy knowing that you can raise cash when you need it most – quickly and efficiently.

At Gener8 Finance, you get the real flexibility of services and products that are designed specifically for you. Just take a look below to find out more. You’ll find it’s well worth taking the time because we understand that timing is crucial when you need to meet your obligations and grow your business.

Working Together – A Personal Commitment

We work hard to make your cash flow problem, no problem. By choosing us, you have our on-going commitment that you’ll be able to reach us at all times. How many other companies can say that?

Added to that, our Gener8 team members are true professionals who are experienced in the challenges that SMEs face. They listen and have the power to flex your facility, if you need it. Got a more complicated problem? Rest assured, that a decision maker can generally respond within minutes, if necessary.

That’s a level of service that can make all the difference. It singles out Gener8 Finance from anyone else you could go to. Quick, efficient with the minimum of red tape and paperwork – isn’t that just what you’re looking for?

Flexibility – A Professional Requirement

Your needs and ambitions naturally evolve. That’s why we have designed our products and services to evolve with you. We adapt our service levels, funding arrangements and fees directly in line with your changing needs.

In fact, the flexibility of what we offer, we have to modestly say, is second to none. And that is borne out by not just the number of businesses we have helped but also by what they say about us.

Our service is, as you’ll find out, a discreet, highly professional and cost-effective process that has driven sustained growth for so many SMEs right across the UK.

Our service promise

We stand by everything we say and do. Need proof? Our Service Charter states that we will refund any client’s service fee if they are not happy with our service, with justification of course, or any other part of the experience we provide. *

It’s a bold statement. It’s made because we are committed in both words and action to offer you the very best cash flow products and service you can get.

To date, no one has ever claimed under our Charter. We aim to keep it that way. Our standards will not deviate from the highest possible. If you want to grow your business and free yourself from the slo-mo cycle of 90-day invoice payment, it’s the solution that lives up to its name. We’re not called Gener8 for nothing.

Invoice Finance: How it works

As you’ll see below, our service works in four direct and fast steps. Everything about what we offer is completely transparent. It results in you getting the cash you need, when you need it. And that can be a boon for any business that wants to grow not just stand still or face the daily, time-consuming problem of chasing invoices.

Four steps. One fast, discreet and cost-effective professional service. Shouldn’t we be talking?

gener8 finance process steps

Why choose us?

At Gener8, we support you in every step of the way. You get real personal help from professionals who actually understand your business along with all the challenges.

  • It’s a fast, very discreet service, that delivers the answers to what you need as an SME
  • Our solutions are made to deal with your individual situation because no two businesses are the same
  • You can access up to 90% ** of the invoice value within 24hours
  • Service delivery and excellent communication channels are assured. So is flexibility

** Subject to formal approval and in line with your legal agreement with Gener8.

As a proven growth accelerator, our results speak for themselves. We offer a highly professional service that stands out above others. If you want better, faster cash flow and the ability to drive your business forward, just talk to one of our team and find out how we can help. It could be one of the best business calls you’ve made for your company.

Please note the information on this page has been provided by Gener8 Finance.

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