My Invoice Finance COVID-19 Press Release

My Invoice Finance Press Release

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We are currently going through a period of economic uncertainty as a direct result of the global coronavirus pandemic.
Whilst the outlook for the economy cannot be predicted, we want to provide advice, assistance and certainty to our clients and that’s why we pledge the following:



With all new and active engagements, we pledge that we will continue to deliver the same service we always have done.

As far as practicably possible, we remain in the office with emails open and phones on. We are geared up for home working so rest assured, Monday- Friday, 9-5, it’s business as usual.

Our team will pull together; we will ensure our clients face no interruption to our debt collection service.

As the news evolves and things change, it could be the case that High Court Enforcement may take longer, Court hearing dates may shift etc. and as soon as we get the news, we will pass it on. We pledge to communicate on a case and operational level.

We also pledge that when we are in receipt of funds, these will be sent by bank transfer to you without delay, we appreciate the importance of cash flow at this time.


Not only do our sister businesses continue to trade as normal, we are proud to have an amazing network of professionals at our disposal. These are not limited to, but include; lenders, accountants, bankers, solicitors, brokers, financial advisors, insolvency and rescue professionals and business consultants.

If you need assistance that does not happen to be our niche, we pledge to point you in the direction of someone who can help and someone, more importantly, that we trust to help you.

Feel free to call the office to chat through your options and as always, we continue to pledge to treat all enquiries confidentially and sensitively.


Right now, if you are struggling to get paid and are worried about bad debts, consider the following:


Keep the lines of communication open. If you know a payment may be delayed, simply check in, ensure it’s in hand and ask for regular updates.

By keeping in regular communication, you not only make yourself a priority, you also have a sense of control over the situation by having an estimated payment date to work to.

Early detection

If you have an invoice due for payment in the coming weeks, it’s always worth making a verification call. Check they have the invoice; check they have the necessary paperwork etc. and that the invoice is approved for payment.

This can save you from any nasty surprises down the line, when payment is withheld because the invoice is missing a VAT number or purchase order etc.

Asking for advice

If you are still not being paid and not sure what to do next, just call us. We pledge to help.


To contact us, visit our contact page.

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